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Hoverboard Technologies Wheel out Future of Transport

Hoverboard Improved Design Looks Impressive

In 2016, Silicon Valley Tech company,  Hoverboard Technologies LLC, founded by designer and entrepreneur Robert Bigler, developed its high end, single-narrow wheeled, electric skateboard which hit its audience with a positive response.

Despite an impressive response, feed back centred around the hefty price tag of $4,000 per unit, simply made the futuristic  un realistic to consumers that simply weren’t willing to stump up the cash for the idea of modern personal mode of transport.  As any determined developing company would do, out of negative comes positive, as Hoverboard Technologies respond from the drawing board with the Geoblade 500.

Pricing down to 1/3 of the original cost, now presented at $1,495, a reduced weight 18 pounds, thanks to the internal, die cast aluminium frame, and external polycarbonate shell. The soft pneumatic tire has replaced the solid polyurethane version in the previous version, giving a much smoother ride with greater control, over rough terrain.




Hoverboard has improved movability


The board is controlled through tilting, which has been vastly improved allowing users to learn to ride the board easier and faster with more accuracy and responsiveness reaching up to speeds of 15mph.

The narrow wheel allows the rider to spin, cut and carve with greater ease and flexibility.

The GeobladeTM 500 has sensors which detects wheel pressure so that the rider can get a full relationship with the board to gain full control.

By simply shifting the body weight of the rider. Leaning forward lets the board accelerate while simply lean back does the reverse n slowing the board down. Tilting the board side to side causes it to turn, just like a traditional skateboard.


A single battery powers the board for a 7 mile range with the opportunity to purchase a second battery doubling the distance to 14 miles. Learning from the prototype, they have made the batteries removable and reduced the charging time to a 2.5 hour full charge via a simple fitting magnetic cord attachment.


The look gains attention thanks to the striking light system controlled via an app to achieve distinctive personality. Lighting effects, colour and brightness are all be controlled along side the bluetooth speakers so you can annoy passerby’s as you cruise down the streets with your iTunes under foot.

Cool Hoverboard Light displayHowever, one very impressive feature will keep you out of trouble, with the on board navigation system, thanks to the syncing to google maps, which gets your commute down to a tee as on this ride you can go where other rides cant go. Taking your ride into the sensible, fast, eco friendly transport system, you can speed up your route by taking any of Google Maps walking routes.

Patented ground‐detecting “lidar” (Sonar, but using light) is used to keep the board parallel to the changing terrain. The deck of the GeoBladeTM 500 is kept low, for stability and optimal carving capability. Since the GeoBladeTM 500 can climb a reasonably steep hill, the limitation becomes the front of the board hitting the ground as it gets steeper, or the back dragging as the ground slopes down. The lidar sensor, located in the center of the Battery Pack, is constantly pulsing out infrared bursts of light and actually measuring the time it takes the pulses of light to return in order to deduce the distance to the ground in real‐time.

Hoverboard Slim Design

Programming in the board then sees when the GeoBladeTM 500 is approaching a hill and “tilts” the board up or down as necessary to keep it parallel to the ground. The ends are turned‐up in order for the rider to still feel comfortable and secure that their feet won’t slide off as the GeoBladeTM 500 changes pitch.

The Geo Blade may well look the part, sound the part and for the lucky ones to find out, feel the part, Hoverboard Technologies describe the Blade’s feel as a ‘Silent Magic Carpet’


Pre Order Now- Ships in April 2018 in USA and Canada with a new Hoverboard LX-1 model in development.


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