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Kuri….. a real life Robot

Alexa watch this space……theres a new bot in town.

Just when we’ve adjusted are lives to our friendly speaking home devices assisting us through the day, we welcome Kuri…..


Kuri is a first of a kind robot with personality and mobility. As you would expect, Kuri can react to voice commands, play music, read stories all via its wifi connected, 4 microphones and powerful dual speakers.

A cute 20” tall, 12” wide and weighing in at 14lbs, you might find a slight resemblance to a well known droid hanging around the place.

A built in 1080p HD camera allows Kuri Vision to automatically caputre moments from around the home you may just of missed. Take it how you may, Kuri witness’s those moments you may want forgotten or be delighted when you new home robot impresses you with a recording of your babies first steps!

A Laser sensor helps map out your home, and additional sensors for detecting edges and objects so he knows where he is. At the moment there is only a two hour battery life but when its time to recharge, Kuri makes its way back to its charging dock for a 1 hour reboost.


Kuri’s creators, Mayfield Robotics have already started to ship their first production in December 2017 with the next wave in spring 2018.

Pricing at $899 – (£650) maybe this could be your latest family audition.

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